The story of Milk Galore begins as a daughter started a family of her own. Her desire was to breastfeed. But it was not as easy as she thought it would be. The first few weeks after birth of the new bundle of joy were the most stressful times of her life. It was her responsibility to ensure the little one is well fed and he/she is comfortable in the new world. The baby was crying non-stop: she tried to ensure the non-stop crying baby is well fed by the milk she produced to her dismay the milk she produced was not enough.

When a mother is discourage and doesn’t know what else to do for her baby who doesn’t stop crying is to feed the baby the formula milk (which is called top up milk). Obviously for some mothers this is not their intention to feed the baby formula but its because they believe they do not produce enough milk.

So the daughter and the mother wondered if there could be a ready-made juice or liquid form to stimulate the lactation for breastfeeding mothers.Breastfeeding is the best for a baby it has the best nutritional content needed for the little one to grow. There is a gap in the market, the focus is on babies over 6 months but no focus on the mother who needs to feed baby till 6 months

A ready–made healthy and nutritional product which is made out of natural organic herbs, for the stimulation of lactation for breastfeeding mothers. So while expecting my first child, we both (the daughter and mom) shared a concern that lots of new mothers have a concern on breast-feeding and producing enough milk. What we needed was something effective, tasty, quick and easy, healthy and affordable. After working with the experts, speaking with other moms and testing, testing, testing – we finally came up with something special… Milk Galore